Author: Bob Gray

WNFJ – Southwest !!!

At the WNFJ Southeast Conference, planning started for a conference in Texas. Thank you to Perry Little for stepping up to take the lead on this one. The conference will be on August 13-15 at Calvary Baptist Church, 117 W.…

WNFJ Southeast 2021 Videos

Videos of WNFJ Southeast can be seen on Cornerstone Christian Center’s website – HERE Many thanks to Kevin Luna and his team and to all the speakers for a great conference!  

Watch Witnesses Now for Jesus on YouTube

Since 2008 Sylvan Creach has been attending and videoing the Witnesses Now for Jesus and other associated conferences and posting them to the WNFJ2008 channel on YouTube. As of January 30, 2020, Sylvan’s channel has over 1700 subscribers with over…